FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is jointly planned and constructed by experts across all the Federation secondary academies.  We will deliver this at Winterstoke Hundred Academy, whilst aligning with the ‘Grow Your Talents’ program, and placing particular emphasis on our areas of focus: Art, Film & Media, and Environmental Science.

The Key Stage 4 curriculum will be broad and balanced across core subjects and option subjects.  We will again ensure that our subjects within the ‘Grow Your Talents’ program are well-supported, whilst also creating a breadth of offer for all students that prepares them for their future ambitions.

The Key Stage 5 curriculum will offer several pathways.  A variety of A Levels will be offered, as well as the GCSE re-sit opportunity of core GCSEs.  The Boomsatsuma media offer supports a variety of pathways and specialisms, including games design and 3D design.

Further detail about the Post 16 offer will be available at the open event on Tuesday 10th December 2019 4.30pm – 7.30pm.

All of the CLF family schools in Weston-super-Mare place a high deal of importance on pupils studying languages. At Hans Price and Broadoak, the pupils follow either French or Spanish to GCSE.

At Winterstoke Hundred, we intend to follow suit.  French is a key language, given the ability for students to use a language which is close to the UK, and Spanish is also important, due to its status as the language with the second greatest number of speakers in the world.

Our language provision will start at Key Stage 3, and building through Key Stage 4, to A Level. We do everything we can to ensure that where students have prior expertise in either French or Spanish, they continue this language in Key Stage 3 at Winterstoke Hundred (though cannot guarantee this).  We will also support community languages to enable students to capitalise on their expertise and experience, and gain additional accreditation where available.

We will ensure the key roles of Principal and SENCO plus core teaching and pastoral staff are recruited for the opening. For specialist areas, we will utilise and share the expertise of our colleagues at our other CLF secondaries until student numbers can support more recruitment of staff to work exclusively at WHA.

The quality of educational provision is tightly monitored and subject to checks and quality assurance processes, from the Academy, from the Federation, and from other external bodies.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is well-catered for within the CLF Key Stage 3 curriculum. In addition, we would hope to offer a STEM club which have experienced great success elsewhere in the Federation.

We will seek to capitalise on opportunities where they appear.  Possibilities such as using older students for paired reading have been very effective elsewhere in the Federation.

Very much so, though the exact details of this will be confirmed in due course.

This is dependent on pupil numbers.

North Somerset do set a ‘First Geographical Area’, but this is only likely to be a relevant issue in future years.

We are exploring several options with this, including making the best possible use of the space we have, by using indoor and outdoor sports spaces, and also exploring some construction solutions.

We are currently exploring possible change to the building to maximise its effectiveness, though it need not be a significant issue in the early stages of Winterstoke Hundred.

Times of the day have not yet been finalised but will be communicated in the coming weeks. The likelihood will be that school will start some time between 8.30am and 8.50am, ending between 3.00pm and 3.30pm.

In order to capitalise on the opportunity of sharing staff between sites (particularly for Post 16), it is likely we shall align closely with both Hans Price and Broadoak in terms of lesson times.

This is yet to be decided, though for the first year it will necessarily be horizontal.  Both systems have advantages, and it will be useful to include students’ opinions in the decision making.

Vertical tutor groups have a mix of different year groups in each tutor group. The aim is to enable students to work together and support each other in ways that they otherwise would not during the school day.

The exact extracurricular offer will depend on staff expertise and experience, but we will deliver a variety of clubs and opportunities to cater for all students.

We will aim to create a variety of leadership opportunities within the year group.

One of the key outcomes of the transition process is knowledge of the building, the environment, and the structure of the school day.  This is still currently something we intend to do in the Summer term.

SEND provision will meet and exceed the standards required in all secondary schools. A SENCo will be recruited as one of the key roles at WHA to start in September 2020. WHA will also be supported by the experienced teams at the other CLF secondaries and the wider CLF SENCO network.

WHA will open in September 2020 for both Year 7 and Year 12, so new Year 7 will have experience of working alongside older students. We will also create deliberate opportunities to work with students at our other secondary academies on a number of projects.

Otherwise, it will clearly suit some pupils well to be the first cohort in a new building, where they will receive all of the attention from staff that would otherwise be spread across the year groups. For others they might prefer having daily contact with pupils slightly older than them, in which case WHA would not be the right choice in 2020

We are currently looking at options to provide our pupils with access to playing fields for particular sports, both local to the building and on other CLF sites. The excellent astro-pitch and multi-use games area will provide suitable alternative space in the interim.

We are currently working with the Safer Routes to Schools team in North Somerset Council to provide parents with travel information. We will update our website with any news.

No plans at the moment.

The uniform will include a branded blazer and tie in the school colours of navy blue and gold. The remaining items (including a grey skirt or trousers) will be able to be bought from a supermarket or other school uniform provider.

Please follow our Facebook page and see our website for details.