A or AS Level


As a student of Maths you will develop your knowledge, reasoning and analytical skills and the ability to solve problems through a variety of different lessons. You will have success in all Maths lessons you attend and will have many lightbulb moments as you discover new ideas and understanding of those new ideas. You will develop a greater understanding of the use of Maths in the wider world and will understand how this may relate to you in your future career.


A Level Maths is an entry requirement for a range of BSc degrees including mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics, accountancy and engineering. It is also considered a ‘facilitating subject’ for many other degrees.


Accountancy/finance; engineering; air traffic controller; architect and computer scientist.

Additional entry Requirements

Grade 6 – 9 in GCSE Mathematics..


Initial assessment during enrolment.

Opportunities for work related activities

‘Women in Engineering’, robotics, statistics and mechanics taster sessions. ‘Maths Inspiration’ at the Bristol Hippodrome.

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