Post 16 Curriculum

Provisional Post 16 Curriculum Offer[1]

A Level

MathsEnvironmental ScienceArt
PhysicsEnglish LanguageCore Maths
ChemistryGeographyExtended Project Qualification
BiologyHistorySpanish or French


Applied ScienceFinancePerforming Arts
Health and Social careITCriminology

Urban Dance [2]

Performing Arts (BTEC) Dance with Angels Dance Academy

Media (with Boomsatsuma – specialise in any two)[3]

Creative and Digital Media with Film
Games VR and VFX
Graphic design and Illustration
Photography and Visual Imagery


[1] As with any Post 16 provision, all courses are dependent on a minimum level of take-up to run. Equally, we are happy to explore the viability of any other course, should staffing and student levels support it.

[2] Most students will study Urban Dance as a stand-alone qualification that counts as three A levels, without studying anything else along side it (other than re-take GCSE English and Maths)

[3] The Boomsatsuma media course cannot be combined with any other qualification, except for re-take English and Maths

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