Curriculum Intent

The curriculum enables children to have self agency, now and in adulthood, because of a developed sense of self and an awareness of their place in the world. 

This is the result of children seeking meaning and making connections as they build understanding from a foundation of knowledge and skills

Winterstoke Hundred Academy curriculum

Lessons apply Winterstoke Hundred’s signature pedagogy which is informed by  the latest research in education.

Our curriculum is well sequenced by subject experts to support all students.

Our students study a broad and balanced inclusive curriculum that represents and empowers students to be confident, proud, productive citizens in their local, national and global community.

Students will be given wide ranging enrichment opportunities to enable them to build their character and a sense of belonging.

Reading is a key element of our curriculum. We recognise reading is a key life skill for all students.

Students are given advice and guidance about their future pathways and careers.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Intent

  • The curriculum studied by students in Key Stage 3 provides carefully curated concepts chosen by subject experts across the Trust to be the Golden Ticket – the enablement of future success. It takes as its starting point, the concept of age-related expectations for a KS3 subject specialist – “What should a Year 8 Scientist/Artist/Geographer know, understand, and be able to do?”​
  • Cognitive psychology has shown that the mind best understands facts when they are woven into a conceptual fabric, such as a narrative, mental map, or intuitive theory.” (Stephen Pinker)
  • The Key Stage 3 curriculum is this fabric, tapestry and velcro. It bursts not with arbitrary knowledge, but with carefully woven themes and concepts that provide the scaffold around which students build their understanding.​
  • Reading is at the centreof what we do at KS3. We build on the skills students have acquired at Ks2, allowing them to enjoy reading for pleasure, to focus on improving their fluency and accuracy and ensure they have the skills​
  • It enables agency, self-efficacy, and a sense of place in the world.​
  • It is sequenced carefully in a way that enables students to understand their own learning journey. “Where have I been, where am I now, and where am I going?” This sequencing is the short-term success and the long-term progression that enables students to succeed in KS3 and prepare for KS4.​
  • Our curriculum is the key lever to close the disadvantage gap.

The structure of the curriculum 

KS3 Curriculum Time per Week – number of lessons per subject (30 x 50-minute periods in total)

Key Stage 3
SubjectYear 7Year 8Year 9
Religion and World views111
Computer Science111

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Intent

  • The curriculum at Winterstoke Hundred aims to ensure that all students are successful Academically, Professionally, Socially, Personally and within the wider community.
  • Our curriculum focuses upon acquiring key knowledge and builds upon what students have previously learned. We strive to ensure that our curriculum and implementation of it is diverse and representative of  a wide range of experiences. To help equip students to keep themselves safe in school, outside school and in the future, safeguarding is an integral part of our PSHE curriculum.
  • In our two-year Key Stage 4, option subjects are offered based upon student need, and our experience of where students are successful. Subjects are combined and provide opportunities for students to develop in specialist areas. We recognisethe value of the EBacc and are working towards the government’s ambition.
  • The curriculum is delivered by subject experts who are given the autonomy to adapt the curriculum to our context and consider the needs of the students in their classes. We emphasisethe importance of improving pedagogy through Subject Development Sessions, supported by research and national developments. Lessons are well planned and sequenced to ensure progression and that they are accessible to all.
  • Reading is a key area of focus within the Academy and we place reading at the centre of the curriculum.  We build time for all children to read, recognising it as a key life skill for all children.
  • Our enrichment programmeencourages our students to look for opportunities to lead and work as part of a team, with the programmedesigned to develop a wide range of qualities and skills. Students are offered a wide variety of activities including the Duke of Edinburgh award,  sports teams, expressive arts performances and weekly clubs.
  • We encourage students to explore their future options and create opportunities for themselves by explicitly teaching careers through our responsive PSHE programme. Our Careers Education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) programmeis interweaved across our taught curriculum.  At Key Stage 4, every student is offered independent careers advice from our Careers Adviser. For every student, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, we aim to unlock future educational pathways and careers, which in turn lead to greater life chances.
  • Winterstoke Hundred Academy is a place where staff are enthused and encourage a love of learning in students. We have high expectations and want every student leaving us to be equipped with the right qualifications, skills and qualities – ready for a successful future.

The structure of the curriculum 

KS4 Curriculum Time per Week – number of lessons per subject (30 x 50 minute periods in total)

  • Compulsory subjects
Key Stage 4
English (Language and Literature)5
Science triple8
Combined Science5
Core PE2
Computer Science3
PSHE/Religion and World View1
BTEC Sport3
Sports Science3
Health and Social Care3

Key Stage 5 Curriculum Intent

  • Our Key Stage 5 curriculum is designed to facilitate pathways of progression, whether to university, work, apprenticeships, or other further study. It provides a plethora of choices and mechanism of self-improvement.  Learners can specialise in traditional subjects, vocational study, state-of-the-art courses, or any combination of the above.
  • The curriculum outside of the main programme of study are still centrally responsible for self-development, self-agency, and a sense of place in the world. The learning undertaken in  Wider Learning provide the context for learners to explore their understanding and place in the world around them.  They have the chance to contribute to the experience of others in and out of the school.
  • Our curriculum rewards resilience, independence, diligence and determination. We teach the skills necessary for success not just in Sixth Form, but in all further study.
  • Our curriculum does not emphasize specification over subject. The acquisition of knowledge is a necessary but not sufficient process to cement self-development, learning, and genuine progression.
  • We invest deeply in discussion, debate and oracy in all subjects. We recognise that emotional involvement in the learning experience is directly related to how well we later can recall the knowledge.
  • Above all, we give our students the experiences that will help them fall in love with our subjects in the way that we did.

The structure of the curriculum 

KS5 Curriculum Time per Week – number of lessons (30 x 50 minute periods in total)

All subjects have 5 lessons a week apart from wider learning which has 65 minutes. Students are expected to complete private study outside of lesson time.

Key Stage Five
English​ LanguageEnglish LiteratureMathsFurther MathsBiologyChemistry
PhysicsEnvironmental ScienceFrenchSpanishLawHistory​
Geography​Philosophy and Ethics​E SportsArt​Drama​Music​
Computer Science​Wider LearningHealth and Social Care​Business​Dance​Psychology​
Brief Based MediaCriminologyBTEC SportsEPQSociologyFinance

Subject Intent


Brief Based Media












Health and Social Care






Relationships and Sex Education

Religion and World Views







Wider Learning