The Careers Leader at Winterstoke Hundred Academy is Paul Gilson.

Contact: [email protected]

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The Careers Programme: Overview

At Winterstoke Hundred Academy we will support our students to find their area of interest and expertise and to nurture and develop a concept we are calling ‘Grow Your Talents’.  This is through our bespoke Future Intentions Programme.

Together, with our help and guidance students will develop the skills, character and experience needed to succeed in later life and make a positive difference to our society.  To accomplish this ‘career readiness’ there are explicit events, activities and programmes that provide the ‘lightbulb’ moments such as visits to businesses, enterprise activities, employers and Higher Education visits to the Academy, and a wide enrichment programme.


We are strongly committed to offering a comprehensive and dynamic careers provision for our students throughout their year 7 – 13 journey. Below is our core programme:

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12Year 13
Future Intentions Stage OneFuture Intentions Stage TwoFuture Intentions Stage Three


Introduction to careers with job of the week. Meet the Careers Leader Assembly and tutor-based activities.Signing up to Careers Pilot.  Understanding different careers and labour market information.  Understanding how the curriculum links to different careers.Career exploration through year 10 GCSE/BTEC option choices; including a visit to a local university.

Transition from the Foundation (KS3) to the Personalised (KS4) phase.

Employability Skills and a Future Intentions Day focused on employer engagement and career pathways.

Work Experience.

Post 16 options; Education or apprenticeships routes explored.PASSPORT – post 18 options, work experience, Future Intentions Week and preparing for the world of work.



If you would like to be involved in our careers provision at Winterstoke Hundred Academy please contact Mr. Gilson, our strategic lead for careers using [email protected].  This could be anything from supporting with mock interviews, to offering business breakfast opportunities or assemblies on behalf of either yourself or your employer.


We are strongly committed to offering our students an ever-evolving careers provision encouraging regular input from local and national employers and educational institutes.

If you would like to be involved in our careers provision at Winterstoke Hundred Academy please contact Mr Gilson, our careers leader using [email protected]

We have numerous “ready to run” ways in which you can be involved including, but not limited to the following opportunities:

  • Monthly business breakfasts
  • Assemblies (whole school or target audience)
  • Mock interviews
  • Involvement with our Careers Fair.
  • Workshops
  • Offering Work Experience placements

Careers Guidance

Exploring Careers Ideas

Labour Market Information

A Parents guide to Career Pilot

A Parents guide to Apprenticeships

The Parents Guide to helping your child know what’s Next

Career Pilot – Access to free online resources and information

Good Career Guidance | Education | Gatsby

National Careers Week may look different this year, but it can still be impactful and relevant to your students. You can use LifeSkills content as part of your week of activities to deliver practical and interactive sessions to students in all locations.

To help you get started, here’s how you could use LifeSkills as part of National Careers Week. This range of lesson plans, interactive tools and resources can be accessed as a class or by students independently through our Young People hub.

Monday – 20-30 minutes
Start with the Wheel of strengths to help students discover job roles that might be a match for their skills and interests.
Tuesday – 30-60 minutes
Explore diversity, why it’s important in the workplace and how to become an inclusivity champion with ourcase studies and Online lesson film.
Wednesday – 5-90 minutes
Develop students’ CV skills by getting them to write a CV, perhaps for a role from their Wheel of strengths results.
Thursday – 15-90 minutes
Now they’ve discovered how to apply for a job, give students the skills to succeed in interviews with our Virtual interview practice tool.
Friday – 60-90 minutes
Finish by preparing students for different roles with an activity utilising case study films, featuring young people in a range of industries.

If your students want to explore the workplace further, point them to our Virtual Work Experience hub where they can learn about the skills needed in the workplace through interactive tools, films and workplace briefs. We’ve simplified our website so they won’t need to sign up to access some of our resources. Why not book a call with the team to see how you can continue to focus on employability skills in your lesson planning through LifeSkills?

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