A Level


As a student of Psychology, you will develop your intellectual, imaginative, creative and intuitive capabilities through a varied curriculum. You will develop a deep appreciation of the intersectionality of the differing approaches in Psychology and use a critical approach to analysing the contribution of competing theories. These skills will also enable you to develop confidence in a variety of areas including written and verbal communication, mathematical skills and working towards developing problem solving skills. You will develop an enthusiasm for Psychological debate and understanding of critical issues along with an appreciation of how the discipline is interwoven into many areas including world affairs. Your knowledge and experience of research and debating real-world contexts will be developed through visits, independent group work and practical activities, alongside critical reading and application to the real world.


BSc (Hons) Psychology degree; BSc Psychology with sociology/law/ criminology/counselling/mental health nursing/social work/teaching.


Clinical/educational/occupational psychologist; counsellor; teacher; lecturer; social worker; youth counsellor; music therapist; mental health nursing; social work; teaching; human resources; police.

Additional Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in English and Science, 4 in Maths.


Previous exams.

Opportunities for work related activities

Zoo visit: Animal observation and behavioural talk. Mental health Museum.

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